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Burn Injury: Damage control is totally in your hands

Burn Injuries are best averted, because their cure might not always be possible and debilitating effects may persist forever. Be very careful around sources of heat. Precautions will not only protect you but others as well. However, should you or a loved one be afflicted by a tragic incident, then remember, your vigilance and correct response is as important as the ensuing medical treatment. Some simple facts will help you to control the damage and facilitate proper recovery.

The first step is to get the victim as far away from the source of heat as possible. This is necessary to prevent further accidents and danger of smoke inhalation. Secondly, the deeper heat is allowed to penetrate, the greater will be the damage. So, while you are waiting for medical assistance to arrive, cool the affected area gently with clean water. Do not use ice or a harsh stream of water. Do not bandage the area. Apply an ointment only if you are certain that it is good for such wounds. It is better to leave it untouched if you are uncertain.

Burn Injury causes the affected area to fuse together and this has many bad implications. You should never remove any clothing that is stuck to the skin as this will increase the damage. Exceptions are when the clothing is on fire or soaked in an accelerant or chemical. Secondly, this is why you should never apply bandages to the area. And finally, if the limbs are affected then you should try to separate the digits to prevent webbing.

Your doctor is the best person to treat you based on the severity of the wound. Follow his instructions properly and do not try any remedy unless approved by him. In extreme case, surgery, skin grafts and even amputation become inevitable. Do not try to delay them, as they will assist in your recovery and rehabilitation. Even in case of minor wounds, there is a lot of discomfort while healing. Do not scratch, itch or rub the area, as this will impair healing and lead to infection.

Burn Injuries are rather severe and should never be neglected. More damage occurs because of the negligence of faulty action, rather than from the fire. So, take immediate steps to reduce effect of heat and seek medical assistance.